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Partnership makes about  $25000 a week and if you are a partner you need not to work anything because you a sure to have 20% of the total income all what you need to do as a partner is to post the website in google groups, classify site online and create a good relationship with new and legit buyer.

And also we make sure we supply our partners products upfront to sell and keep the profit and sand us our  sales prices as is in the website, 

> partners minimun package for upfront orders after becomine a member 50 bottles of ketamine or harf liter

> partners minimum package for upfront orders after becoming a member 200 bottles of ketamine or 2 liters of pureketamine 

If you become a partner with you will be able to end 20% of the income every week (Friday) and the money will be pay to you in to your bitcoin account 

How to become a partner

  1. you must place an order for at list 100 vials to show you are capable to partner with us .
  2. secondly buy your partner membership account 
  3. send us your email and phone number with your bitcoin address which it will help us to get to for your weekly salary 

Buy your membership package now and enjoy our benefit .

Choose the perfect plan



  • weekly salary
  • $100
  • duration of contract
  • 1 Year


Per year

  • weekly salary
  • $200
  • duration of contract
  • 1 year


Per year

  • weekly salary
  • $250
  • duration of contract
  • 1 year

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