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Privacy and Discount

Stay private and save money each time you shop. We believe everyone has the right to privacy when shopping online and as such we have proudly introduced digital payments. Paying with digital currencies will not only help keep your payment anonymous, but will also save you money when shopping online – with many websites offering special deals and discounts for digital payments.

What are Digital Currencies?

Popular digital currencies such as Bitcoin or other Altcoins (alternative cryptocurrencies), are available in digital form only, they are not physical like traditional banknotes or coins. Digital currencies do not require a bank account as they are stored in a secure wallet on a PC or Smartphone that only the owner can access. This means digital currency owners can access their funds at any time, and can make instant payments directly to a store owner, cutting out the administration and transaction fees that come with paying using physical currencies.

How to buy Digital Currencies?

First you need a Bitcoin wallet. If you do not have one, it only takes a few minutes to set up and you too can benefit from the advantages that come with digital payments. Once you have a Bitcoin wallet you need to verify ownership – usually by taking a selfie or uploading a photo of your ID – then you can easily, and instantly buy Bitcoin with a Debit Card or Credit Card in the UK and Europe.

In this way, your bank will be aware only that you purchased digital currency, but not what you purchase with it.

Three Steps to Digital Payments

Step 1: Sign up using one of the websites listed below and you will be given your own Bitcoin Wallet:


Once you sign up you will get a personal Bitcoin wallet address that will look something like the following example: 14Lmn02pLyaBcDefgHijkCy6LRqgxKj5

Step 2: Verify Your Account by uploading a copy of your ID, then connect your Bank Account, Debit Card, or Credit Card to Top-up your Bitcoin Wallet.

Step 3: Top-Up Your Wallet and shop online easily with your digital funds!

Shop and Save Money!

After purchasing Bitcoin simply place an order, select pay with Bitcoin, then send the specified amount to the wallet address provided. Each time you order you will get a unique Bitcoin address and you have 60 minutes to complete payment. Once your payment has been confirmed on the Blockchain your chosen medication will be discreetly packed and shipped to your destination.

Due to the flexibility and security digital currencies offer consumers it is unsurprising that they have become so popular. When shopping for a product that is used regularly it is always advised to seek out the best deals. With the discount available regular customers can not only put an end to insomnia and anxiety, but save money too, by checking out with Bitcoin.

For these reasons, below are the payment methods that we accepts.

Wire Transfer

► Money Gram: Wire transfer through money gram. After payment send the reference number, the sender’s name and the scanned copy or a good full picture of the receipt of payment

► Western Union: Wire transfer through Western Union. After payment, send the MTCN and the sender’s name the scanned copy or a good full picture of the receipt of payment

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