Privacy and Discount

Remain privately and save money every time you sell. We believe that everyone has the right to privacy when buying the internet and, as such, we are proud of introducing digital payments. Paying digital money can not only help make your payment unobtrusive, but also save money when buying an internet – with lots of websites offering special offers and discounts for digital payments .

What are digital money?

Popular digital monies such as Bitcoin or other Altcoins (alternative crypto-currencies) are available only in digital form. It is not physically as traditional paper or coins. Digital money does not require a bank account because it is stored in a secure wallet with a PC or smartphone that only the owner can access. This means that digital money owners will access their funds at any time and will then be able to immediately pay the owner of the store, to discontinue the administrative and transaction costs associated with paying the physical money.

How to buy digital currencies?

First, you need a Bitcoin Purse. If you do not have one, repression requires only a few minutes and you can also enjoy the benefits of digital payments. Once you have a Bitcoin wallet, you should check the property (usually taking a selfie or uploading a photo of your ID card), then you can then buy Bitcoin on a debit or credit card in the UK and Europe.

In this way, your bank will only tell you that you have purchased a digital currency, but not your purchase.

Three steps for digital payments

Step 1: Sign up with one of the websites listed below and you will receive your own Bitcoin wallet:


Once you sign up, you will get a personal Bitcoin wallet address that will look like the following example: 14Lmn02pLyaBcDefgHijkCy6LRqgxKj5

Step 2: Check your account by downloading a copy of your username, and then log in your bank account, debit card or credit card to place your Bitcoin wallet.

Step 3: Finance your wallet and shop right away with your digital wallpapers!

Money changes and saves!

After buying Bitcoin, simply place an order choosing to pay with Bitcoin, then send the specific amounts to the wallet addresses provided. Every time you order, you get a unique Bitcoin address and have 60 minutes to make the payment. Once your payment is validated by Blockchain, your chosen drug is judiciously placed and sent to your destination.

Because of the stability and stability of digital currencies offered by consumers, it is not surprising that they have become very popular. Buying a product that is always used is always encouraged to find the best deal. With discounted regular customers, not only ending insomnia and anxiety, but also saving money by checking with Bitcoin.

For these reasons, here are the payment methods we accept.

Bank transfer

Money Gram: Switch to gram to switch on. After sending the reference number, the sender’s name and the scan or a complete image of the receipt of payment

Western Union: The wire is routed via Western Union. After payment, send the MTCN and the sender’s name to the scanned copy or a complete picture of the receipt of payment.